Hurryin' Hoosier Transport Inc. is proud of our drivers that have earned and received the
"Master Truck Driver Award", which is an award established by the Indiana Motor Truck Association, Inc.
Only about 5% of all drivers in the nation will qualify for this award.
Currently 38% of our active drivers are "Master Truck Drivers"!
Master Truck Driver
  1. Driver must be nominated by an IMTA - member company.
  2. Driver must have driven for that company at least one year.
  3. Driver must have a clean Motor Vehicle Record for the past three years.
  4. Driver must have achieved either:
    1. One million accident-free miles.
    2. Ten years of accident-free driving.
  5. Driver must have one of the following:
    1. Completion of the Professional Truck Driver Improvement Course.
    2. A record of community service.
    3. Participation in Truck Driving Championships.
    4. Performance of a heroic act.